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The inspiration behind Maverick House came about in three ways: first, by way of Maverick, a German Shepherd dog named Maverick, second, an influx of cats, abandon by their previous owners, and third, a desire to find good homes for these helpless creatures who came to the church in need of a home.


MAVERICK's HOUSE was founded to help families find a home for their feline fur babies, so they are not left abandoned, cold, and without a home or food. Most of the cats, come to us as strays, looking for food; abandoned no fault of their own. It is our desire to give these stray domesticated cats food and a safe place to live, while they wait for their new forever home.


Will you consider helping us financially, to help support God's creatures? We cannot do this on our own. It requires, support from people like you, to give these precious few a chance to find a loving and caring home.   

Maverick came to us, after my previous shepherd, Bear passed away two years earlier. I wasn't looking to raise a new puppy and all of the things required/needed of a pet owner, becoming a senior citizen; late night walks to go potty and countless hours in obedience training, before the challenging teenage years, so we looked to adopt. Maverick was a four year old, long-coat German Shepherd, whom a middle-aged couple had adopted three years earlier. When the wife's husband passed away unexpectedly, she reluctantly put the dog up for adoption, which I felt compelled to express my interest in adopting the dog. And so began the adoption process. After several discussions, meetings, and visits, we decide Maverick was the right dog. Three weeks later, Maverick, officially became part of our family and we stayed in touch with the previous owner, sending pictures and updates on Maverick's progress. In the third month, we learned the previous owner had also passed away, which left a monumental void in our hearts. ​






Four Cats on the Sidewalk

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